Over 40 years ago, Steve Evans was given a faded piece of paper with an old recipe for Genuine Country Sausage by his father, Bob Evans. It was how sausage was made right after World War II. In those days, sausage was made only three or four times a year and shared with family and friends. In fact, the recipe dates back to the late 1940’s, when Bob Evans made sausage for his first restaurant, The Steak House in Gallipolis, Ohio. This recipe was his wife Jewell’s favorite, and the one she served at home to Steve and his brothers and sisters. In 1977 Steve began to make this sausage that now carries his name. The flavor of this unique sausage was so appealing, those who tasted it wanted to know when the “next batch” would be made. Now, after honing his skills from those sausage-making events, working with his dad and his first employees, Jack Camden and Harold Cregor, Steve has his own sausage company. It should be noted, Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage is in no way connected with Bob Evans Farms, Inc. His is a private sausage production company.
Here is more of this story from Steve himself…enjoy!
    “Real country sausage was invented by my father Bob Evans. Dad returned from WWII and could not find good country sausage for his restaurant so he decided to make his own and to make the best. At that time sausage was a cheap, low quality, food item that was a byproduct of the packing house. My dad used only the very best cuts of pork, something unheard of at that time and many thought over the top. My grandfather thought dad would never make it in the sausage business because the cost of such a product was so much higher than the other products of that time.
    All these years later you can go back to that time when Genuine Country Sausage was being made by the very people that invented the product. It's sort of like getting your fried chicken directly from Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC.
    Many people think that all you do is put some pork and seasoning together and grind it up and you have great country sausage but, as we have learned and now know from experience, making Genuine Country Sausage is an art that has to be taught and handed down from one generation to the next. I could give you the recipes and you still would not have a good product. Making sausage takes know how and finesse, you must know the art of blending the meat and seasonings at just the right time and just the right temperature, then there are the cuts of pork that you must not include…it is quite a big deal!
    You want to know why you will love this product, well here you go. Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage patties are so tender and cook up so easily, you will be surprised how quickly they fry up from frozen. My Sausage patties are so tender that they actually relax when exposed to heat and this lets the heat penetrate evenly all the way through the patty. You will not see these patties curl up around the edges or hove up in the middle. These cooking characteristics allow you to fry your patties and not have to burn the outside to get the middle of the patty cooked, allowing for the juicy, tender, full flavor of the prime cuts of pork and hand selected spices to reach their peak! We have less cook time than any other brand on the market, a sign of incredible quality, giving us a patty that is tender and juicy with just enough fat to give the sausage good flavor.
    I was invited to sell my sausage on QVC and the first show I did with Dave Venable my sausage was the top selling product during that hour of QVC. Quite an accomplishment for the first outing. One thing we did to demonstrate the tenderness of my sausage was cut a patty into several pieces with a toothpick, people loved it, and TV sales soared.
    Spices….oh, let me tell you about what we use, well, let me tell you a little bit about what we use. I can’t give away too much info here. We use only real rubbed sage from the best producers in the Dalmation Region, an area around the Adriatic Sea, with the perfect climate and soil for growing the best sage in the world. Black pepper from Zanzibar, half way around the globe, where we buy the cream of the crop. All this is sent to the mountains of Tennessee where we make Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage. No preservatives, extracts, or oils are used, and only the finest cuts of pork are chosen and put together by the greatest sausage makers in America!
    We make our Genuine Country Sausage and flash freeze the patties, then layer them in a special box. You will find Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage in your grocers frozen sausage display.
    I had the privilege of growing up down on the farm and learning from my father how to make this great country product. This is authentic country goodness from the folks that invented the product. It was a privilege to be raised around such a wonderful work ethic. Dad always said to me “never put anything into your sausage that you would not ask your children to eat.”, and so it is.
    My father’s dedication to selling only the best, and making the highest quality was quite motivating to me. Having learned the real secrets of making this wonderful country product, it just seemed essential to continue on. When you realize that your father invented a food product that did not exist before, and will not continue to exist unless you are the one to carry it on, well you do look seriously at this. For me it was an easy decision. Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage is the best sausage made anywhere today, and I have a standing guarantee, “If my Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage isn’t the best Country Sausage you have ever tasted, I'll give you your money back!”, now that's quite a guarantee! Why don’t you take the Steve Evans Challenge and see for yourself what so many people are talking about?
    One of my favorite ways to enjoy Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage is to cook it out on the grill, melt cheese over the top, and serve on a hamburger bun with mustard and dill pickle…outstanding!
    My small company is fiercely determined to make ,“hands down” the best country sausage in America, and we will, because we know the art of making Genuine Country Sausage. Only a handful of people still alive have this information, and like the Golden Retriever in the Bush's Baked Beans commercials, “they aren’t talking”.




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